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Our Journey Begins With You

As a child we have dreams and we “try on” life outcomes, like, “I want to be a parent” or “I want to be a doctor.” Dreams are present in children regardless of their abilities or disabilities. Children with Autism have wonderful life dreams. However, the Autism disorder creates extreme challenges in understanding and communicating with others. While these children may not be able to express their dreams, we are certain, Autism does not impair their dreams. All people hope to become adults, with friends and meaningful life activities.

As parents and community leaders, one of our roles is to help the developing generation plan and prepare for their adult life. We need to support our children who can activity pursue and state their goals and we need to support our children that struggle to verbalize the dreams present in their hearts.

In recognition of this need, Elizabeth Ruth’s Home, will seek to support teenagers with Autism so they can achieve milestones that are critical for transitioning into healthy adults. Specifically, Elizabeth Ruth’s Home will offer:

· A home that is safe.

· A home that is healthy.

· A home that is engaging.

As the founders of Elizabeth Ruth’s Home, we are uniquely positioned to recognize this community need. Our son has Autism and we are determined that he will realize independent living that is safe, healthy and engaging. But our son is not alone in the Panhandle of Texas. We are blessed to know many children with Autism living in this community. Each one of these children has goals and wants to become an independent adult with meaningful life activities.

We recognize care for the Autism community will require a collective effort. Elizabeth Ruth’s Home has a very talented Board of Directors guiding organizational development, but we will also need you. We need community members. Member that want to:

· help communicate our mission,

· donate to organizational development,

· build an inclusive community.

If you would like to learn more about Elizabeth Ruth’s Home, please feel free to email:

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